today: sunday august 14th Daily menus tomorrow: monday august 15th
Tomato soup with mascarpone cheese and potato gnocchi95 CZK
Spaghetti Pasticciata with dried ham, mozzarella, cream and tomato sauce288 CZK
Halibut with oranges with peas in the pod and roast potatoes485 CZK
Fresh strawberries with vanilla mascarpone188 CZK
Tomato soup with gnocchi and mascarpone78 CZK
Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and goat cheese238 CZK
Spaghetti with smoked salmon, cherry and rocket248 CZK
tomorrow: monday august 15th Daily menus today: sunday august 14th
Roast pork leg with creamy sauce and ham, bread dumplings179 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with champignon sauce, bread dumplings179 CZK
Wild boar goulash, bread dumplings209 CZK
Beef brisket braised in garlic with spinach, potato dumplings179 CZK
Meatloaf with pickles, mashed potatoes169 CZK
Baked pasta with ham with pickles155 CZK
Apple bread pudding with curd cheese135 CZK
Boiled shoulder of beef with dill sauce, bread dumplings159 CZK
Beef tokan, steamed rice159 CZK
Pork braised with carrots, crushed potatoes with onion159 CZK
Homemade curd cheese dumplings with fruit155 CZK
Roast beef with tartar sauce, baked potatoes199 CZK
Pork braised with kohlrabi, crushed potatoes with onion165 CZK
Chicken braised in a paprika sauce, potato gnocchi165 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, mashed potatoes169 CZK
Fried champignon mushrooms with our tartar sauce, buttered potatoes159 CZK
Roast beef with tomato sauce, bread dumplings, soup169 CZK
Pork braised with carrots, bun-dumpling “Rozpek”, soup145 CZK
Country-style roast pork shoulder, braised cabbage, potato dumplings, soup159 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel, buttered potatoes179 CZK
Beef in sauce with red peppers, steamed rice, soup185 CZK
Juicy pieces of pork with spinach, potato dumplings, soup179 CZK
Grilled minced meat rolls, buttered potatoes, soup175 CZK
Chicken schnitzel in cheese batter, mashed potatoes199 CZK
Beef flank steak with grilled vegetables, buttered potatoes329 CZK
Duck breast with plum sauce, potato gnocchi295 CZK
Chicken breasts with fresh marjoram, roasted potatoes289 CZK
Roast beef with pickles, steamed rice169 CZK
Chicken braised in a paprika sauce, pasta155 CZK
Spicy pork strips, mini potato pancakes165 CZK
Carp fillet in cumin butter, roasted potatoes285 CZK
léczó with poached egg198 CZK
Caesar salad235 CZK
Minestrone85 CZK
Salmon tartar, avocado, shallots255 CZK
Grilled chicken, chanterelles, potato gnocchi, spinach255 CZK
Cannelloni with meat ragout and spinach245 CZK
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