today: sunday september 22nd Daily menu tomorrow: monday september 23rd
Pea soup with croutons and pastrami75 CZK
A selection of baked beets with Krasolesí farm goats' cheese178 CZK
tomorrow: monday september 23rd Daily menu today: sunday september 22nd
Beef in sauce with red peppers, 100 g, bread dumplings139 CZK
Meatloaf with pickled cucumber, 120 g, potato puree135 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham, 300 g135 CZK
Smoked beef tongue with horseradish sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings139 CZK
White pudding sausage with sauerkraut, boiled potatoes129 CZK
Savoy cabbage soup with croutons45 CZK
Pork cutlet schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, buttered potatoes195 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with horseradish sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings139 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, 120 g, steamed rice139 CZK
Pork braised with carrots, 100 g, mashed potatoes with onion135 CZK
Sour lentils with fried egg125 CZK
Garlic soup45 CZK
Baked beef with sauce and eggs, 100 g, steamed rice, soup135 CZK
Beef shin goulash, 100 g, bread dumplings, soup135 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in paprika, 100 g, elbow macaroni, soup125 CZK
Minced beef and pork burger steak, 120 g, potato puree135 CZK
Fried champignon mushrooms with our tartar sauce, 150 g, buttered potatoes129 CZK
Pork neck schnitzel fried in lard, 120 g, potato puree, cabbage salad with horseradish179 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, potato puree, cabbage salad with horseradish179 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Beef braised in a mushroom sauce, 100 g, steamed rice135 CZK
Country-style roast pork shoulder with braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings135 CZK
Grilled minced meat rolls, 125 g, buttered potatoes129 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with mushroom sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings, soup129 CZK
Roast pork neck with braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings, soup129 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 120 g, potato puree, soup125 CZK
Beer-braised pork cheeks, 150 g159 CZK
Boiled eggs and potatoes in dill sauce115 CZK
Chicken broth with shaved flour noodles45 CZK
Bean soup with sausage45 CZK
Roast beef, natural style, 100 g, steamed rice, soup129 CZK
Country-style roast pork belly with spinach, 100 g, potato dumplings, soup135 CZK
Chicken schnitzel fried in butter, 240 g, potato puree, soup149 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 120 g125 CZK
Potato pancake fried in butter with sauerkraut, 200 g125 CZK
Mushroom stew, 200 g125 CZK
Beef tokan, 100 g, steamed rice135 CZK
Beef roll with bacon, 100 g, mashed potatoes with onion135 CZK
Roast beef cheeks, 150 g, almond croquettes179 CZK
Minestrone with truffle oil (0,2 l)75 CZK
Pizza margherita classica158 CZK
Spaghetti il pomodoro158 CZK
Cauliflower soup with garlic croutons68 CZK
Tagliatelle with spinach, mushrooms, walnuts and cream148 CZK
Spaghetti with Tuscan bacon Lardo, tomatoes, basil and chilli158 CZK
Veal medallions with peas and potato purée225 CZK
Braised pork shoulder with carrots,198 CZK
Pumpkin soup75 CZK
Beetroot carpaccio with goats' cheese and walnuts178 CZK
Grilled chicken breast with spinach and rosemary potatoes228 CZK
Spaghetti with tuna, garlic, tomato sauce and black olives198 CZK
Daily menu
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